What is WordPress ? | Basics For Beginners

When you start thinking to kick start a website for your blog, business website the first name you hear is WordPress but ‘What is Worpdress‘ and how you can use it for your online appearance.

So WP is basically an open source PHP & Mysql based CMS(Content Management System), which means it’s free to download and use for personal & commercial purposes. Nowadays Worpdpress is very much powerful CMS with support of tons of builtin free & premium theme and plugins.

What you can do with wordpress ?

WP is an excellent platform to build a variety of websites like of:

  • Blogs
  • Ecommerce Website
  • Information Website
  • Directory Website
  • Forum Website & More

Who should use wordpress ?

If you’re looking for to start something very affordable cost then WP is for you. Even Google loves WP and website developed with WP rank well in Google Search Results. So if your customers comes from Google then try with WP first instead of going for some high technology expensive solutions.

How to get start with wordpress ?

If you’re also amaze to head start with WP then you can contact some company to setup your WP website for you. You can also easily setup website in WP using some youtube tutorial videos but if you’re looking for google ranking then some optimization required for make it eligible to rank well in google, so recommended to contact some professional wordpress development company.

You can also reach us for WordPress Development at www.witoni.com.

How much it cost ?

It basically depends on what kind of website you want to develop. But basically company charges from $500 – $5k for a wordpress website. So overall it depends upon the kind of website & location of company. Like web development cost more in USA in comparison of Asia.

But if you’re trying to setup a basic website first, so you should go with free themes & plugins for it.

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