What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization ?

what is seo

If you’ve ever amaze what the hack is SEO or Search Engine Optimization and how can it benefit for you, if you’re running some blog or business website, then you’re at the right spot.

Google having global reach and people use it in case of searching information in different domains and google reverts with bunch of pages containing website links those you can open to go through with, but 99% users only go through with Top 10 Results on #1 Page.

But have you ever thought, how exactly google find which 10 websites out of millions to show on #1 page and this is where Search Engine Optimization comes.

SEO Basically are some guidelines by Google to optimize your website codes and assets to make it relevant with user search query, those are also know as Google Search Algorithm.

Besides from optimization, it also includes how quality information & easy to understand it is for user, in your web pages.

If we think about the benefits of Search Engine Optimization, then i would say it will increase your Business overnight.

Don’t consider SEO happen in single night, instead if you improve your ranking for certain query then you will start getting Organic Traffic (Visitors coming from Google) with a fast pace.

Now the next thing is, how you can have it for your website.

For this you first you need to understand how exactly the Google works, watch following video by Matt Cutts, Former head of Google WebSpam Team.

So now you may understand, how Google Works !

So now google has divided Search Engine Optimization in 2-parts, first is called OnPage SEO & OffPage SEO.

OnPage SEO basically deals with on optimizing your website structure, content & assets(images, videos etc) as per google guidelines.

OffPage SEO basically deals with authority of your website, which means how popular your website in terms of how many other websites links you, those are basically know as backlinks.

So this is a basic over of Search Engine Optimization, but my suggestion would be if you’re really willing to rank for your potential keywords in Google then consult with some SEO expert, who can help you optimize your website and can aware you for potential SEO facts & terms.

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