What is OnPage SEO and how to do it ?

what is onpage seo

In this post, we’d explain the basic theory of OnPage SEO

If you’re not aware, what exactly is SEO or Search Engine Optimization or even how exactly the search engine works, then you can understand it by going through with our what is SEO Article.

If you’re proceeding with reading this article so considering, you know how seo works in google.

So here in this article, we’d cover some very important OnPage SEO Facts those can help you to rank your website in Google #1 Page in  2019 with minimum efforts.

So OnPage are some guidelines from Google, those should be optimized over your website structure, content & assets.

OnPage SEO dont need any technical expertise, so this article would help both whether you’re non-tech person or semi-tech person.

The Most viable OnPage SEO gradients, we consider are:

1). Website Structure

2). Content

3). Navigation

4). Keyword Density

5). Internal Link Building

So let’s go through with them one by one !!

1). Website Structure.

In website structure, your website should contain following terms:

  • A valid title for every page
  • A valid description for every page
  • Meta tags for every page
  • Breadcrumbs snippet
  • Use titles from H1 to H6 in your content
  • Your images should contain alt tags
  • URL Structure
  • Web Pages Loading Time
  • CDN(Content Delivery Networks) Implementation
  • Low Size Images

2). Content

Here we adopt 3 factor theory, i.e Content should be unique most important, if your content is not unique then forget about SEO, you’ll never rank, even Google may penalize your website and sandbox it which no ranking.

Second Content Quality, if you’re content is relevant with user enquiry but not gonna help user anyhow then its just waste of time, so make sure you’re helping user with some quality information, direction, recommendation etc.

And third one is content length, i’d recommend to write atleast 300-500 words content, below this can also be fine, but we’ve experienced below this for Google sometime considers thin content and doesn’t give much value. But also don’t consider, if you’re writing 2000 words content, so you ll be rank high, it’s not like that.

Write less, But With Quality !!

3). Navigation

This is also most important point. Make 2 things very carefully, Header Navigation with sub-menu under it because nowadays google shows navigation menu in search results as well. So you can get extra mileage in term of high click through rate (CTR) from search results.

Second include your secondary navigation that’s less important in footer, so google can also access this navigation and rank those as well.

One more thing, add breadcrumb snippets to your internal pages like in category, article pages etc, so user can easily navigate throughout the site.

The purpose of navigation tips are to enable google to consider your site a easily navigable with is very very important point in SEO.

4). Keyword Density

Make sure you include your primary keyword at least 2-3% in your content. But don’t over stuff, this would create a problem for you.

Check Matt Cutts (Google Former Head of WebSpam Team), what he says about keywords density below:

5). Internal Link Building

Make sure you connect your content with each other, this would make a contextual internal link building in your website.

This also make your website appealing to Google.

We’d keep updating this article with more tips & facts. If you’re having any question, you can comment below or share your experience in OnPage SEO with us.

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