Ecommerce Website & How its Different Models Work ?

What is Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce Website or Internet Commerce is well known term now a days. Basically ecommerce website is a way to sell your goods & services using internet.

There’re too many options available in market to buy & sell goods throughout the world. Some of them are Amazon, Ebay etc

If you’re also a product seller & curious, how exactly you can sell your stuff online then keep reading.

Before diving into ecommerce world, you should be understand the types of ecommerce business happening over internet.

So whole ecommerce has divided into 3-major categories.

  1. B2C Ecommerce
  2. B2B Ecommerce
  3. Marketplace Ecommerce

Let’s be take a look at each category one by one, so you can analyze over what kind of ecommerce business you wants into.

B2C Ecommerce Model

B2C means ‘Business To Customer’ Model. You can consider this business as your own personal ecommerce website, where you’re selling your own products directly to customer, no other intervention in between.

In this model, seller maintain his own website, manage inventory and on getting the order, fulfill the order by providing his own shipping. There’re lot of small firms available running such stores online.

Cost wise B2C costs less then other ecommerce model and you can use some CMS Technology to step in with your new ecommerce store.

B2B Ecommerce Model

B2B means ‘Business to Business’ Model. In this kind of model, you’re selling bulk goods to other businesses. These are basically kind of wholesale markets.

B2B platforms are basically designed to provide a space where businesses can find each other and commerce can establish throughout a channel.

Cost wise B2B costs comparatively high then B2C. If looking to start a B2B ecommerce model then consult with some technology company for it.

Marketplace Ecommerce Model

Marketplace Ecommerce is a built in platform, where seller can sell his goods to both B2C and B2B. Amazon, Ebay are the example of marketplace ecommerce.

In marketplace model, admin company eats a certain commission on every sale and facilitate seller with providing shipping and marketing services, so seller can focus on his sells only.

Hope now you may clear on, what kind of ecommerce website suits for your requirements.

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