What is Digital Marketing | Basic Guide For Beginners

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There’s a lot of fuss over what is digital marketing or internet marketing, and everyone wants to sell their products / services on internet. But what people don’t understand is that it’s a science in itself. 

What do we need to be able to advertise on internet? It’s more or less like how we had earlier, when we didn’t have computers. We had a shop, we used boards, we got pamphlets, and then we spent money on advertising on local newspaper or magazines. That same way, we need a shop (Website), banners stay the same, only the newspapers and magazines have changed. Earlier, we just spent money on advertisements, and we had no clue about the percentage of people looking on our advertisements, number of people interested, or any leads or queries. We just advertised, and then waited in our shops hoping people might turn up after reading or looking at our ads.

With the Digital Media, we have that advantage. We now can target people specifically, based on their interest, age, geography, and can know exactly how much was spent on what. It’s called as targeted marketing. An advertisement method where we reach out only to those who are interested. 

Digital marketing can be divided into several sections:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  3. SEM (Search Engine Marketing

There’s two ways in which we can market:

  1. Organic (Free)
  2. Inorganic (Paid)

Below are the advantages of Digital Marketing:

Incremental Revenues

Reduced Cost of Marketing and Promotions

Comprehensive Exposure

Enhanced Brand Image

Better Customer Relationship Management

Better Measurement and Performance Analysis

Online marketing is all about the presence online. Its about the strategy through which we reach the audiences and if we could attain our Long Term or Short Term business goals. 

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