Six Advantages of WordPress Development

WordPress powers 30% of all websites. The given stat is provided by web technology survey firm W3Taccechs. If you want to develop a website there shouldn’t be any doubt to choose WordPress over others.

Most of the clients now prefer WordPress over other cms. Now there should be questions, why WordPress why not others?
Let’s try to find the reasons why WordPress is popular than others.

Cost Effective

WordPress is most liked cms on the globe. The reason behind it is that You can use WordPress easily and it is cost- effective also. WordPress web development is very cost-effective. Maintaining the website of WordPress is rather easy than others. You can maintain your website at an affordable budget via WordPress.

Seo Friendly

WordPress website is very SEO friendly. There are lots of SEO plugins to make your life easy for optimizing the website and rank the website top in the google search. There are a variety of SEO plugins which make your task easier to do.

Site Updation

If you want to develop a WordPress theme website you can edit your website anywhere. there are auto updates available for each and every plugin. You can make a change anywhere as long as you have internet access.

Responsive Websites

WordPress makes a responsive website that means there will no error by changing device. It will be ok for all device. There won’t be any difference in size on any device.

Large Community support

WordPress is easy because if you will be stuck on anything there is huge community support of WordPress and they are there to help you 24*7.

Rich theme customization

WordPress theme customization is best among all the CMS. There are lots of themes there to customize your website you can choose amongst them and make your website according to you.


In these days Popularity of websites is scaled by the rank on the google search. WordPress makes Responsive and SEO-friendly website which rank top on the google search. It makes the fast and user-friendly websites so that user can access it easily. So hire a WordPress developer and make a responsive website for more lead generation.

Jacob Graves Author
Sr. WordPress Developer | FullStack Developer | HireWpGeeks
Jacob Graves is a Sr. WordPress Developer at HireWPGeeks Ltd, a company that provides wordpress website development services in a convenient manner. He is a passionate writer and loves to share WordPress and SEO related tutorials.